Golf Club Coat Hook - Work Cubicle
Golf theme coat hook for cubicle dweller. Made from old golf club, oak wood and spare steel pieces, this coat hook is designed to hang on the cubicle wall, providing a convenient place to hang your coat, purse or brief case; all while providing a functional item of art for all co-workers to envy! Brass screws for a matching vintage look! Many of us work in cubicle spaces, with minimal trimmings, accessories or touches of pleasantry. Here is an item that is designed to be placed over the cubicle wall, not make any marks nor require any attachment points (which will make the corporate overlords or at least the building standards person happy). There is a hook on the back side that is adjustable (Phillips screwdriver) in case the cubicle walls in your particular Cube Dwellers environment are slightly over or undersized. Approx 11 inches tall and the club head sticks out about 5 inches. (The pictures don't show it, but there is a 2" steel lip on the back side so the hook does not fall off the wall) :)