Christmas Santa Elf Statue,Swedish Tomten Elf Statue
This cute little fellow is an original, handmade Scandinavian Tomten Santa. Made of papier mache, decorated with acrylic paints and glitter and finished with gloss medium. He stands 9” high x 5” wide and 5” deep. He asked me to name him “Louie” but if you buy him, feel free to find out what he'd like you to call him. ;-) Let this Santa Tomten bring you good luck at Christmas and throughout the year. The Tomten hasn’t always been the Swedish Santa. It actually originated as a mythical creature in Scandinavian lore that played the role of a “house gnome.” The Tomten would secretly live in or under a house and protect the children and animals from evil or misfortune. In the 1840’s the Scandinaviran Tomten elf became the JulTomten, or “Christmas Tomten” and started to play the role of Santa after being depicted as wearing a red cap and having a white beard. The Santa JulTomten started delivering Christmas gifts to good little girls and boys. JulTomtenn didn’t replace Tomten but nowadays when people talk about Tomten they are normally referring to the Swedish Santa Tomten. Thank you for looking ! FREE S/H