Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged. Keep in mind that a custom order may involve more materials or time and therefore may be slightly more expensive or take more time than the original item.

Payment Policy

A 5% cancellation fee will be applied to all canceled orders. In the case of a part cancellation on an order with multiple items, the 5% fee will apply to only the price of the canceled item.

Shipping Policy

To keep costs down, all items are shipped with standard shipping unless expedited shipping is purchased. The Iron Roots is not responsible for any rare international delivery surcharges that may occur. To keep shipping costs low, larger items like tables will be shipped with Greyhound shipping.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Return Policy: Items may be returned within 45 days of receiving the item. If you would like a refund, please contact us before you send it back. In order to be refunded, the item must be returned in the same condition as received. After the item is returned in the same condition, the refund will be administered. The refund will be for the price of the item, not including shipping. Refund Policy: If a refund request occurs after the materials have already been compromised for the building of the product, a full refund barring the cost of the compromised materials will be issued.

Contact Information

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