The Iron Roots

Unique Ideas for Unique People

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Portland, OR
Owned By
Phillip Stone
Store Details
The Iron Roots started from an imagination and hobby when I was teenager. I would often look at the basic furniture of my home and loose my imagination on it until I was recreating it in a more eyecatching and artistic way. As my ideas grew, I began teaching myself woodworking and other skills needed to build these creations. Original work has no tutorials or instructions so I had to learn to be comfortable with using my tools in creative ways. As the years progressed, I had furnished most of my house with the ideas formerly in my imagination. My growing love for creating beautiful and lasting pieces soon started the beginnings of The Iron Roots. Continuously looking to innovate and create, I embrace any new idea that forms in my mind and use my hands to make them real. My story is simple but my passion is real. My work is to make your home unique and more enjoyable. Each piece is handcrafted with diligence and care because I believe in the product itself declaring its worth. Thank you for getting to know The Iron Roots and me. Sincerely, Phillip Stone Founder and Designer