Mushroom Duo Pendant Medium OOAK Handmade
Mushroom duo pendant. A pair of mushrooms sprouts from a background textured from garden herbs. Semi-circular caps are finely textured and sit atop smooth unpatinated stalks. Mushroom caps have a brown patina. This free-formed oval is not perfectly symmetrical and measures approximately 1.37 inches (35 mm) long by 0.95 inch (24 mm) wide. It weighs approximately 23 grams. The background has a matte pewter luster with gold highlights. The reverse is finely textured and retains its original luster. The best color representation is as seen in the first photo. May be worn as a pin; simply insert a pin through the bail. A sturdy hidden bail on the reverse will accommodate even a large chain. The bail is designed as a small capped mushroom which does not interfere with a chain when worn. The back is stamped with the fine silver mark and my initials, ".999 DPV". This sale does *not* include a sterling chain. A black 18-inch (46 cm) neck cord with sterling clasp *is* included. SCIAC111214-012415