Stone Textured Copper and Leather Adjustable Bracelet I Hand Hammered
Copper and leather bracelet. Hand hammered with a stone texture, this organic bracelet is handmade from thick solid copper pipe; approximately 1 inch (25 mm) wide by 1.67 inches (42 mm) long and slightly curved for your wrist. Protective coating of Renaissance wax applied to both front and back. 3 mm natural brown round leather cord is adjustable to fit most any wrist and is secured by 1 mm natural brown round leather cord with pure copper bead ends. Simply tug on loop near clasp or free ends of both cords for a custom fit - and then cut off any excess length for a more esthetically pleasing look. Copper-toned base metal swivel lobster clasp for easy wearing and removal. Please note: Bracelets 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D' made with lightweight 24-gauge solid copper. All other bracelets ('E' through 'J') in this series were made from thicker copper tubing, so the copper slab is roughly twice the thickness of bracelets 'A' through 'D'. 5th photo is of bracelet 'E' and is included here for illustration purposes only.