Terra Firma - Elemental Essentials

Nature, Nurture, Heal.

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Eolia, MO
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Pickled Peaches
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I once was found on hollow ground, beneath a willow tree; In nothing but skin, drenched in sin, for the whole damned world to see. Two Bohemian spirits had come along, picked me up and set me straight. They took me in to rest my head at the cockeyed Widdershin Gates. 'Twas an adorable place with lots of soul, bits of Magick and lunar grace. I was stricken at heart for once in my life because of this beautiful place. They crafted their own soaps and things amongst other necessities. Something for sleep, something for skin, even something for fleas! I am blessed to be a part of a culture so rich, and so fluidly free. All because I got drunk and fell off my broom, and landed beneath that tree.