Help support the Russcher Family as they raise awareness for Loeys-Dietz Syndrome! #TeamRusscher

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Princess Allison was born on March 12, 2014. Shortly after birth it was discovered that she had a cleft palate. Combined with our families previous "marfan-like" diagnosis her cleft helped us to confirm a clinical family diagnosis of Loeys-Dietz Syndrome (LDS). Princess Allison passed away on January 29, 2015, after suffering respiratory failure caused by RSV. She was the bravest, most beautiful little girl we have ever known. <3 LDS is a connective tissue disorder that can affect several of the body's systems, but is characterized by cardiac complications such as aggressive aneurysms. It requires frequent screening to reduce the risk of complications. There is no cure, only management of the symptoms. Our family had planned to travel to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD in February 2015 to have Dr. Dietz evaluate Allison and provide us with a treatment and screening plan for her and the rest of our family. We have postponed our trip until June, but are happy to announce that we will still be travelling to Johns Hopkins! We were able to send valuable genetics tests in before Allison passed that will hopefully allow Dr. Dietz and his team to make new diagnosis to help our family and others with connective tissue disorders. Thank you for your support - purchases through Facebook and the Team Russcher shop on Aftcra go towards our journey to Johns Hopkins, our family's continued treatment, and our mission to spread the word about LDS and other connective tissue disorders in honor of our beautiful Allison Ruth. <3
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