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Emory, TX
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Suzanne Jacobs
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Why carving ? Why jewelry making? I LOVE carving and sculpting wood! It fulfills all my creative needs and never bores me. Being a one person shop isn't easy but it does give me full control,which I love. After drawing a pattern on the wood and cutting some of the excess wood off with a band saw or scroll saw, the rest of carving is done with non-power hand tools such as a mallet, chisels, knives, and palm gouges. Very little if any sanding is done to a piece unless a specific pattern or style calls for it. Knowing something I create in wood will last for generations to come and can be passed down to other family members gives me a really nice feeling. In addition to carving I also love jewelry making. I have been doing this even longer than carving. I just love pretty shiny things and prefer unique designs that not everyone is wearing. My cousin and I used to joke that we would have sold Manhattan for those beads too. Incorporating wire and metal and wood into my jewelry designs is my main focus lately.