Deluxe travel shaving kit with turquoise band
The ultimate travel shaving kit. The maple tube holds the miniature shaving brush and a 1/2 oz jar of my peppermint/eucalyptus shaving soap. The tube is gorgeous, and the bottom fits snugly with a precision friction fit (it's not easy making these!). The tube is from a single piece of wood, so you get a really nice matching grain pattern, and a conversation piece to share with your friends and family. I've inlayed a genuine Turquoise band to give the kit a unique and really eye catching look. Turquoise is considered the oldest stone in man's history. It is a stone of protection, yet soothing to the touch. It has been prized for thousands of years as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and power. The walnut accents and the inlayed stone make this a very unique handcrafted piece. This takes time and patience to create, and is offered and priced as a one of a kind item. The shaving brush is less than three inches long, but is very easy to handle. To tell you the truth, I almost like it better than my full sized brushes! The small jar holds about 1/2 oz of soap, but you just won't believe how many shaves you'll get. Leave the top off while you shave to let the soap dry a bit, and you'll have enough for many trips. The whole kit is only 4.5" x 2", so it will easily fit in your suitcase. Add initials or a monogram with my custom lettering add on. See separate listing for the add-on. I can also replace the badger hair brush with a vegan brush. Just select the option you prefer. Make sure you check out my ultimate MAGNETIC kits! Happy shopping!