fir needle and petitgrain premium shaving soap
A premium shaving soap with long lasting lather and a masculine fir needle and petitgrain scent. This is absolutely my favorite shaving soap of all time. The natural lanolin gives you a nice smooth shave with no razor burn. I get the fastest and most complete shave I've ever had with any soap or gel. The scent combination is fantastic and makes a great way to start your day. Everyone using this soap loves how it reduces razor burn and leaves the skin feeling soothed and rejuvenated. You'll need a good brush to go with this soap. Just a little water and you can easily whip up a nice lather that will last as long as your shave. Rinse after use, and put the top back on. This soap will last a very long time. This makes a great gift for Dads, brothers, Grandpops and colleagues. Caution: Some are sensitive to lanolin and can have a minor skin irritation when using this soap (i.e., don't give them this soap!).