Deluxe Handcrafted casuarina shaving set
A top notch shaving kit with a stunning, hand turned, beautiful casuarina handle, finished to a high gloss. The brush is genuine natural badger hair - very soft and long lasting. This is an artisan brush made by me! A generous individual gave me a small amount of casuarina. This wood is known by many names, often as Australian Pine. It is increasingly common in the Bahamas and Bermuda, and can even be found in the southern US. It is a very dense and durable wood, sometimes referred to as Ironwood. The amazing characteristic I've found is that, although it is very hard and heavy, it is a dream to finish. Unlike other extreme hardwoods (such as bubinga), finishing is quick and results in a beautiful and very dark wood with deep and dramatic grain lines. I had enough wood for just two brushes. Once they're gone, that's it! You will just love the combination of the dramatic casuarina wood with natural, very soft badger hair brush. You can find brushes of this quality for much, much more elsewhere. This wood is too dark for the custom lettering to show well, so you should avoid that. Choose between my two shaving soap tins. * fir needle and petitgrain with natural lanolin * peppermint and eucalyptus The tin makes it super easy to pack for a trip. Just pop the top back on and throw it in your suitcase. Everyone using this soap loves how it reduces razor burn and leaves the skin feeling soothed and rejuvenated. Just a little water and you can easily whip up a nice lather that will last as long as your shave. Rinse after use. if you leave the top off the soap will reharden, and last a very long time. This makes a great gift for Dads, brothers, Grandpops and colleagues. I can make any brush with a vegan brush knot. Just select the option you prefer. Happy shopping!