Deluxe travel shaving kit with badger hair (or vegan) brush, shaving soap, and exquisite maple travel tube
The ultimate travel shaving kit. The maple tube holds the miniature shaving brush and a 1/2 oz jar of my peppermint/eucalyptus shaving soap. The tube is gorgeous, and the bottom fits snugly with a precision friction fit (it's not easy making these!). The tube is from a single piece of wood, so you get a really nice matching grain pattern, and a conversation piece to share with your friends and family. Spalted maple has an amazing variety of grain patterns and features. Each piece is totally unique. A real artisan crafts piece. The shaving brush is less than three inches long, but is very easy to handle. To tell you the truth, I almost like it better than my full sized brushes! The small jar holds about 1/2 oz of soap, but you just won't believe how many shaves you'll get. Leave the top off while you shave to let the soap dry a bit, and you'll have enough for many trips. The whole kit is only 4.5" x 2", so it will easily fit in your suitcase. Add custom lettering to make it a personalized gift. See separate listing. I can also replace the badger hair brush with a vegan brush. Just select the option you prefer. Make sure you check out my ultimate MAGNETIC kits! Happy shopping!