VEGAN Economy Shaving Set
My premium shaving soap paired with a nice, hand turned pine long bristle shaving brush. The handle is made by me in my wood shop. A premium shaving soap with long lasting lather and your choice of either refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus, or a more masculine fir needle and petitgrain (my favorite!). The tin makes it super easy to pack for a trip. Just pop the top back on and throw it in your suitcase. Custom lettering is not available for this brush. Choose between my two shaving soap tins. * fir needle and petitgrain with natural lanolin * peppermint and eucalyptus Everyone using this soap loves how it reduces razor burn and leaves the skin feeling soothed and rejuvenated. You'll need a good brush to go with this soap, and that's what I've included. Just a little water and you can easily whip up a nice lather that will last as long as your shave. Rinse after use. If you leave the top off the soap will reharden, and last a very long time. This makes a great gift for Dads, brothers, Grandpops and colleagues. A very popular and economical choice for the groomsmen (and women!) at your wedding. Make sure you check out my ultimate magnetic shaving kits! Enjoy!