unscented everyday soap - 3 bars
So I've never made an scented soap before, mainly because I was concerned that the odor of the basic oils would not be a pleasant experience. Boy was I surprised! The simple oils I use for my soaps contribute almost no aroma at all. This unscented bar will amaze your nose. There is almost no detectable aroma. We are always looking for unscented versions of all soaps and products we use. My wife actually said "This is the soap I've been looking for my whole life!" Yeah - maybe a bit over the top, but if you love unscented products, I think this soap will land in your favorites list. Creamy lather is mild and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soothed. Soap made from scratch using the cold process method. Bars will last a long time if kept dry between uses. Each bar is wrapped for protection so you can easily store it right out of the box. My soaps are created for everyday use. They produce a nice creamy lather and are lightly scented.