FREE SHIP Bulk lot of lye,goatsmilk,oatmeal, and tallow soap with scrubbie in assorted variety.
This listing is for my handmade lye and tallow with oatmeal soap. This soap is cold process soap made in small batches. The only ingredients are lye, tallow,, goats milk (from my goat) and water. It is strong enough to get rid of tough dirt, but gentle enough we use it on all of my children including our babies when they were newborn. This lot will come in randomly chosen assorted varieties which may include, plain, oatmeal, exfoliating coffee, chamomile, or cinnamon. You may order this in all plain or oatmeal for allergies if you prefer. Just drop me a note when ordering. You will get five bars approx 6 oz each. Extra bonus bar of sample type included with scrubbie puff or homegrown louffa when available. Total of approx. 2 lbs of soap