Classroom Furniture Dr. Seuss Custom Stool
The Dr. Seuss stool is a perfect combination of our favorite Dr. Seuss characters all coming to life on a custom stool. . Each stool is custom handmade and coated with a high gloss resin to maintain longevity and protect the acrylic paint underneath. For an extra $10.00 we will add your name to the stool to completely personalize your purchase. The Peanuts Author's Throne is available in both 29 inches and 24 inches. All stools are available for bulk order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.Custom high-quality acrylic Dr. Seuss theme stool for the classroom. Each stool is custom painted with popular children's books themes. Special discount for Florida teachers available. Each stool is designed carefully with great detail and coated with a high laminate to prevent chipping making each piece both functional for the classroom as well as a piece of art. Uses include: -Authors Chair -Presentation stools -Read Aloud -Gifts -Teaching -Personal chair