Silence of the Lambs Lotion Line Film Movie Cross Stitch 8 x 10 framed finished wall art MADE TO ORDER
This MADE TO ORDER finished cross stitch wall art features the line "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" and yellow/black moth from the film Silence of the Lambs. This piece has become a favorite! This piece was hand stitched by me :) It comes stitched on off-white fabric or white and is framed in a black 8x10 inch frame with both options to hang on the wall or stand on a flat surface. This made to order item takes 1-2 weeks to stitch therefore will ship at the earliest, 2 weeks after purchase Makes a great gift! Please don't resell this design! This is art to me that I created. Have a fun day! Image designed by LaBranche Designs, LLC copyright LaBranche Designs, LLC