Sparkley Coasters, Set of 4, So Many Colors!
The pictures really don't do these justice! I will try to load some better pictures soon. These handmade glittery drink coasters, and available in just about any color or color combination that you can imagine. Just let me know what color, and I will hand make some just for you! These are so pretty that it's hard not to want to use them! So while most coasters are normally looking nice, somewhere off to the side, these actually grab people's attention! These really brighten up cubicles too! And I think the best part is that although these are glittery, wonderful gems, they don't leave glitter trails everywhere, which gives them a more polished, expensive appearance. They clean up easily with just a rinse under cool water and they are surprisingly durable even though they have a very delicate look and feel. I can ship a total of 6 in a standard US Postal Service envelope, and because they are so light, they ship out first class mail with just a couple of stamps! If you use a variety of colors, that'll help your family and friends to keep track of who's drinks are who's. Perfect for all holidays! Red, white and blue for the 4th of July. Green for St. Patrick's Day. Red and green for Christmas. Pinks and reds for Valentines Day. The ideas are only limited by your imagination. Thank you for shopping with me! And, get your Aftcra store up and running, so that we can bring the quality, value and heartfelt goodness of handmade American crafts the first place that people shop for gifts, art and household items.