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Columbia, SC
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leslie carlucci
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I remember when I was growing up, both my mom and grandma knitting and sewing. It seems as if there has always been some type of creative outlet in my family. I never picked up the knitting, but I have been sewing since I was small. As we grow and try new thing, I expanding to painting at one point...then jewlery design. I briefly thought of scrapbooking, but that just really wasn't for me. While looking for a new outlet from my stressful job in property management. I rediscovered an old love. I found sewing again. I started to design handbags. And while I do love making them, there was still something missing for me. Then one day a dear friend made a suggestion to me. She asked why I wasn't designing dog collars. You see I love animals, and dogs in particular. She felt it was a logical conclusion that combine my passions for dogs and sewing. I really thought about it seriously. I remembered that I had bought some hardware a few years back... you see I had thought about it a while back. So I went in search of it and thought I would give it a try. I started posting my completed collars on my Facebook page and got an amazing response. And then Sparkle Pup Boutique was born. What I really enjoy about designing these collars is making people happy. I have had request for specific things. For example... a golf lover wants a golf collar for their dog. Or a mother of a fireman wants a "My Daddy is a Firefighter" collar. But honestly, the choices are endless! My dream is to leave my day job and work at Sparkle Pup Boutique full time. To build my inventory to include collars, leashes, coats and collar add-ons. I want to at a place to donate collars to animal shelters. To make this a regular event, not just here and there.
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