Men's Crocheted Necktie - A Classic with a Twist
This tie is not your dad's tie (unless he's one cool dad)! My ties are made with cotton yarn for increased durability, a more streamlined look, and a decrease in stretching and warping over time. These ties are made with a loop in the back to tuck in your tie in fun pops of color! Also, unlike some commercially knitted ties, these ties have the traditional diamond bottom, instead of the quicker and easier "straight" bottom. They have been made by my own design, and are patterned after a real men's tie for sizing and proportioning. This item is hand crocheted, and made with Sugar N' Cream cotton yarn. These photos were taken in my home, both in natural sunlight and under lamplight, and I strive to portray the colors as accurately as possible, but please take into account computer monitor variations in color. If you like the item, but would prefer it in a different color, please feel free to contact me at, where we can discuss options. *Please note that while this comes from a smoke-free home, I do own a cat. Every effort has been made to keep the items separate, but I cannot guarantee 100% pet-dander free items. Also note, I would advise all buyers to use caution when giving my handmade items to young children. They are made to be child-safe, but adult supervision is always recommended. DIMENSIONS *These ties have been made to fit the size of a men's standard tie, with some variations due to yarn type, and usage may cause them to vary slightly over time. However, they should hold their shape when used in the fashion of a normal tie for a very long time. They measure approximately 62 inches long, and the widest point of the tie measures 3.5 inches wide. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Hand wash and air-dry only. I would recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth. This tie should not wrinkle like a cloth tie often does. However, if it seems to, I would recommend pressing the tie with heavy books instead of ironing, as cotton can char when not properly ironed.