Chips in a Bottle
Gemstone chips layered in 1dram glass bottles w/Bakelite caps. Each little bottle contains approx 5.5 carat natural Peridot granules from the San Carlos Indian Reservation in AZ. (Peridot is good for mental focus, learning new things, increase self worth & determination.) plus 2-4 ct each of Tanzanite (enjoyment of moment, alleviate grief, anger & despair, emotional insight, align heart and mind - also good for those facing terminal illness & transition to death) Green Garnet (help w/ crisis trauma & gives courage in hopeless situations; charity, benevolence & abundance) Emerald (balance nervous system, self confidence, aids healer burnout, heals astral body, aids organs of elimination) Pink Sapphire (encourages healing via mental decision to heal; calming, good for elderly - bone density, dementia, pituitary & glandular issues, circulatory health; love of truth) Burmese Ruby (good for clots, circulation, sobriety, inner strength, motivation) There's a ton of information out there on the healing & spiritual properties of different stones & minerals - so the brief list is NOT comprehensive. I initially put together 10 of the vials, however, I have the supplies for at least 60 more. *I'm not a techie - laugh if you must, but I can't figure out why my images on AFTCRA are flipped when I list, but look perfect on my desktop. Someday I'll figure it out!