Soap Saver Crocheted Bath Shower Soap Keeper, Handmade
Use this soap saver by placing your small, leftover pieces of soap inside instead of throwing them away, or use with a whole standard sized soap bar. (Soaps are made in all shapes and sizes nowadays, this saver will fit most sizes) I crocheted this saver to be a bit bigger than most soap savers to fit a whole bar of soap so it can be easier to scrub with. When you’re finished with your bath or shower, you can hang it up to dry avoiding a wet soap dish, and soft melted soap! I can custom design your soap saver in colors to match your soap. So convo me with the desired color yarn, and leave it to me!! I will use a 100% organic cotton yarn for the soap saver. BUY and 6 or more, please use coupon code UBUY6 for $10.00 discount. Machine wash and lay flat to dry. Listing is for one soap saver only. Soap not included. Soap pictured is from absoapstudio