Cucumber Face Mask
Cucumber Face Mask Is there any way to treat yourself better than with your own face spa? Try our products and spoil your face like never before - your skin will be grateful! We only use natural, high-quality ingredients in order to achieve the best results! -The Cucumber Face Mask contains: Cool cucumber fragrance oil Cucumber is known for its cooling effect, which is especially important during summer when our skin is exposed to high temperatures and Sun’s X-rays, and needs constant refreshing. It is great for moisturizing your skin in a natural, balanced way, since it consist a large percentage of water and vitamin E. Full of antioxidants, it will protect your skin from free-radicals. In time, cucumber can even help you to get rid of freckles and pigmentation. Kaolin Clay There are many benefits of using this clay in skin products, as it is famous of improving microcirculation. It has an amazing detoxifying effect. For facial treatments, it is mostly used to soften skin and make it smooth. This clay also does wonders for oily skin because it reduces secretion of sebum. Aloe Vera Powder Aloe Vera has proven itself long ago as an amazing product in beauty treatments because of its moisturizing and healing effects on a skin. It also increases production of collagen and elastin, which has the anti-aging effect as a result. Rhassoul Clay Based on its qualities as a substance rich in volcanic minerals, Rhassoul is widely used to thoroughly clean sensitive skin, removing acne and blackheads and reducing and shrinking pores. It contains higher percentage of silicon and magnesium than any other clay. Rhassoul successfully cleans skin and protects it from toxins, soothes it and removes dark spots. It can give your skin a youthful, healthy glow and keeps oily, problematic and sensitive skin under control. How to make your mask Just mix 1-2 spoons of a mixture with couple of drops of water. Once you get your mixture smooth like a paste, apply it on your face avoiding eye area. Wait until it gets dry, than remove with warm water. And then - enjoy!