Glitter Skates w/FREE Travel Bag
❤【Comfortable Design】 Our soles are specially designed according to European and American feet, so that you can wear them, making you feel very comfortable and fit. The design of high-top shoes can better fit our feet, provide the greatest degree of protection, and ensure that our feet feel comfortable and safe. ❤【Shiny PU Leather Material】High-quality shiny PU leather with shiny and smooth surface, the inside fabric is very comfortable and breathable, which can radiate the heat generated during exercise and keep your feet comfortable and dry anytime. (The material of our roller shoes is better than similar products on Amazon.) ❤【High-quality PU wheels】The wheels of our roller skates are all high-quality PU wheels instead of ordinary PVC wheels, which are more wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, and have strong grip, and the wheels move more comfortably. The shiny wheels make you more cool in the skating! (no battery and power supply required) ❤【ABCE-9 Bearing】ABCE-9 Bearing, has strong bearing capacity, safety and stability! The wireless stitching of the sole makes the shoes more beautiful. At the same time, we adopt professional seaming technology to make the shoes safer and more durable. ❤【Safer and Stable】The classic double-row roller skates are safer and more stable than the inline roller skates. There is a support column at the front for better control and quick braking. They are very suitable for beginners and men and women who want to learn roller skating easily.