I want you to be 110% satisfied. I want you to feel like you're connecting with the past when you wear our work.

Payment Policy

You can pay in full via PayPal on this site, but I also accept other payments as well. Unless otherwise noted, all payments are final.

Shipping Policy

I use Priority Mail to ship all of my goods. If an item is sent but doesn't get to you, let me know so I can contact the Post Office. If you are at all concerned about receiving your order please let me know and I can adjust the shipping accordingly by adding delivery confirmation, insurance, etc.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If you order something and aren't happy with it, just return it within 7 days of receiving it and I'll be glad to refund your payment if it's returned in the exact same condition it was sent out in. This includes smells and dirt/makeup, so if it reeks of perfume or sunscreen or has a bunch of glitter on it from a special occasion or a weekend getaway, I will only grant a partial refund. (yes, this has happened) The cost of shipping the item back will be up to you, though. If you find out a mistake was made, typically a wrong size, just send me an email, send it back, and I'll exchange it for the proper size. If a size difference merits a slight cost increase or reduction, I'll invoice or refund the appropriate amount before sending the exchange.

Contact Information

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