White Howlite & Sea Sediment Bracelet
These Gemstone Crystal beads are combined to make this beautiful handmade charm gemstone bracelet. The White Howlite beads are a variety of quartz that has a beautiful silky, milky white color and a very high luster. It is a good stone for the heart chakra and balances emotions. The inspiration for this bracelet came from the natural beauty of a White Howlite crystal, combined with a beautiful and mysterious sea sediment bead in a vibrant blue color. How to Measure Wrist With a measuring tape measure just above the wrist bone, then make sure to add approximately ¼ inch to 1 inch (a ½ inch is average) depending how fitted you want your bracelet to be. We have sizes from 6.5 to 11 inches Learn more about healing crystals read our blog https://www.simplybyelegance.com/post/healing-crystals-and-their-meanings Stay up to date Facebook @simplybyelegance Instagram @simplybyelegance