Dark Rainbow Seed Bead Bracelet.
Black leather straps that connect onto a beaded circle center piece. The beads are multicolored permanent rainbow color making it attractive to the eye. This piece is great with any outfit. Suited for casual and special events. The rainbow is of the darker colors making it able to be compatible with all sorts of colors. The Measurements are: 6 & 1/2 inches long. The center piece is approximately 1 & 1/3 inches. Measurements in metric: 16 & 1/2 centimeters long. The center piece is approximately 3 centimeters. Measurements do not include the extension that is part of the on the jewelry automatically (no charge/fee). Chain Extension adds 2 inches / 5 centimeters. If you need it longer leave a note when you order. the leather straps can be black, red, white, or light blue. I also have vegan alternatives that look just as great. Perhaps odd, but useful perks: looks great, sturdy, and water resistant. Its water resistant for everyday activity, sports, or getting caught in the rain.