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SPIRITUAL BAND This is a unisex bracelet. It makes the perfect meaningful gift for yourself or your boyfriend/girlfriend! What could be sweeter then offering a bit love and protection to wear along their journey! Red Jasper This is very helpful stone for emotional equilibrium, spiritual grounding, strength and stamina.. Lemme break it down below; -carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration -resonates within the lower three chakras SACRAL ROOT EARTH CHAKRA -gives deep insight into personal difficulties -strong sense of stability -stimulates increased energy, strength and stamina -soothe your upset feelings -strong stone for pregnant women to use, as it helps the fetal growth to be strong and robust -may improve your endurance -healing any dysfunctions within the procreative area of the body This stone has tons of other amazing benefits but to list them all would be an endless task bc it is that mind-blowing! This bracelet is an elastic stretch bracelet made with different wooden beads and red jasper healing stones. It is roughly 7.5 inches in length.. You can request a custom size. Thank you for visiting. May your life be filled with peace and beauty!❤