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FREEDOM RING Opal is a very powerful and beautiful stone. It has so many healing and helping properties for your self worth and your freedom to be whomever you want with confidence. I could literally write pages and pages about this stone but I have just highlighted a few and here they are; -Encourages both freedom and independence -enhances cosmic consciousness -induces psychic and mystical visions -stimulates originality and creativity -Helps to release anger -claim self worth -aiding in accessing and expressing one's true self This is a silver copper wire ring with an 8mm opal stone! It is a clean look wire wrap technique. It is the perfect everyday ring! Carry with you its amazing powers, while you get plenty of compliments on its beauty and unique look. This is also a great festival piece. Get others dazzled and crazed for your new wire wrapped healing stone ring!❤ Thank you for viewing, have a blessed and peaceful life❤