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BALANCE ME❤ This super cute and dainty bracelet is available as an anklet, bracelet or set of both! It is made with 4mm crystals including lava stone, amethyst, carnelian, yellow jade, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, clear quartz and red jasper. It also has black painted wooden beads and colorful painted beads.. along with glass seeds beads and metal decorative beads.❤ Chakra bacelets helps to keep your chakras at the right energy levels. It will help keep the wearer more balanced. It will keep the chakras open and flowing and give the wearer a sense of stability and grounding and dispel negativity. Each stone aids each chakra in a powerful and intense way, below I have just grazed the surface of them. Amethyst is the debute spiritual stone. It aids in purifying, healing, and protecting energies to help clear, open, and balance the Crown Chakra. It aids in your spiritual path of growth and cleansing and so much more! Carnelian are stones of taking action and moving forward! It will give you the courage and confidence on any new path in life. This powerful stone can stimulate ambition and give you the drive you need to succeed. This stone benefits and balances the sacral chakra, along with others. Yellow jade gives you the ability to be confident and have control of your own life. This stone offers protection, grounding and healing in all your decisions and life paths. It aids in getting in a deep meditative state and also keeps negative energy away from you! Green Aventurine is one of the best stones for good luck and abundance. It will help you be successful in whatever your goals are. It is a very soothing stone that helps de-stress any emotional or unsettling feelings. It works well in balancing the heart chakra. Lapis lazuli is the perfect stone for over all balancing your energies. It helps you to be open and true! Aids in the ability to communicate your truths and yourself effortlessly. This stone is used for balancing your throat chakra. Clear Quartz is often called the master healer, it can enhance, clear and awaken all your chakras, and is especially used with your third eye chakra. It will amplify any of the benefits of all others stones you use. It will give your intent to the universe. Quartz will enhance your spiritual growth and offer psychic protection and so much more! Red jasper is a great choice for your Root chakra. It gives you energy and stamina. It gives you spiritual grounding and strength! It creates a strong bond between yourself and the earth! Thanks for hanging out and getting grounded with me!