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ROCKING IT This beautiful bracelet is packed full of energy healing protection. Agate has 100s of different stones and I would have to say that orange is one of my favorite, it is just so vibrant and beautiful! How great does it look paired with black lava stones and crystal beads? Ugh, amazing I know! Orange agate offers emotional balance, easing anxiety and depression. It will give you courage, balance and endurance to body, mind, and soul. Helps you see your inner sight. It can sabalize your aura and fill you with positive self assuring light. Agates are grounding stones. They assist in bringing about emotional, physical and mental balance. They harmonize positive and negative energies. Can soothe and bring clarity to all situations. Dissolves tentions giving you peace of mind. Agate improves your energy and confidence. Brings out truth in situations. It transforms dark emotions like jealousy and resentment. Promotes self-acceptance and forgiveness. Made with orange striped agate, lava stone, Swarovski crystal beads and tibetan silver spacer beads. Bracelets will be 7 inches, anklets will be 9. Unless you specify otherwise. Please feel free to request anything as these are made to order. This is available in a bracelet, anklet or both! Get your mood and confidence up with this super cute boho style healing bracelet. Thanks for hanging out!