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CONSCIOUSNESS This amazing gypsy girl earrings are loaded with good vibes and positive energy. They are made with lapis lazuli, pink Swarovski crystal and clear purple Swarvoski crystal beads. The earhooks are sterling silver. They also have tibetan silver metal spacer beads. The history of Lapis lazuli goes back to ancient times. It worthy of its own book, but simply put, some of its healing properties are; ♡Deepens mediation ♡Raises Conciousness ♡Aids in spiritual growth ♡Promotes honest and open conversation ♡Balances yout personality ♡Gives clarity ♡Heals relationship ♡Emotional healing ♡Amplifies Dreams ♡Aids Self-awareness ♡Aids Self-expression ♡Inspires confidence ♡Rids wearer of negative energy ♡Protects wearer There is literally so much this stone has to offer and a ton of history behind it, you could spend an entire day just reading all the interesting facts, health benefits, healing benefits and history. If you have any questions please feel free to message.