Baby Burpie  and Blanket Set
These sets are practical, and handmade in America.They are available in girl, boy, neutral and Americana patterns and colors. Neutral sets are geared to the surprise baby and will suit the new arrival whatever sex the baby is! There is one blanket and three coordinating burp cloths in each set. The Americana sets are unusual and come in red, white and blue variations. No two sets of any kind are exactly alike so you can take pride in knowing that your gift was not made on an assembly line. It was developed by creative spirits and crafty hands. The burp cloths are a generous 11 by 21 inches and are made of coordinating double sided flannel. The carriage wraps are 22 by 28 inches just big enough to cover up that wee babe in a stroller or car seat. The sets are wrapped in a chiffon see through bag ready for popping in your gift bag or they can be mailed directly to the recipient.