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Excited to share my love for plants with soaps, salves, and whatever crafty action I got into last weekend! I'm a way I can. Herbal ingredients (other than essential oils) are foraged from the wilds with gratitude by yours truly, or grown among my organic garden vegetables. "Sea Otter" salves use candelilla wax instead of beeswax, so they can be loved by the vegans in your life. Candelilla wax comes from the shrub Euphorbia cerifera, is rich in Vitamin A, and easily absorbed by the skin while protecting it from moisture loss. I'm aways looking for another way to reduce my footprint. Here are just a few things I do so far: - Package with mason jars that you can easily reuse - Feed plant scraps to our worms to make amazing compost - Donate to non-profits committed to conserving public lands - Make my own soap-making lye from the ash leftover from heating my home (this soap coming soon!) - Crafting high-quality fabrics from the thrift store, saving them from the landfill (and saving you money)