Hello, My name is Susan and I love to make things. Materials are shaped, painted ,glued, or formed into elegant or quirky items.I do accept requests for Deco mesh wreaths or grapevine wreaths. All paintings are acrylic (some using a pour medium) and finished with a glossy coat . Seashell/Nautical art is another passion of mine. I love variety and transformation.Hope to here from you soon!

Payment Policy

Payments are done through PayPal or any credit/debit card.

Shipping Policy

As I get up and going with aftcra,shipping details will be included.

Refund & Exchange Policy

No Refunds unless damaged by shipping.All items are hand crafted by myself.Items are one of a kind. Materials are not fade resistant and wreaths may fray in time. Glued on items should not be placed in hot areas.This may cause the adhesive to separate and embellishments may loosen.(I learned from experience)

Other Policies

I will attempt to customize orders. I will have to order items and wait for delivery.Cost will be calculated by price paid for materials plus crafting fee $15.00 US.

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