Boho Bead Curtain
This bead curtain can be hung wherever your heart desires. The upside down 'V' shape I thought would be easier if this was placed in a doorway, due to people getting caught and the weight too. The curtain spans 36" wide, and the longest strand is approximately 47" long. Each strand consists of beads made from a variety of different material, such as: Plastic, acrylic, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, ivory, seed, etc., ohh and lots of vintage too! There is no set pattern, theme, or color. The only consistency is it caught my eye when I was putting this together. I mentioned weight earlier, this is still a fairly heavy piece. I have it hanging with just wire and large screw hooks in wood. I also am throwing in a pair of needle nose jewelry pliers so if one of the jump rings gets bent you can fix, or if maybe you want to change around the beads, it is up to you! At this time this is my only one. I plan to make another one but this is quite time consuming to make so if you want one and this one has sold please message me and we can work something out. Thanks for looking!!