2 Bars SweeTea; Vanilla + Tea Tree Scented Handmade Cold Process Bar Soap with Goat's Milk 99% Natural
Small-batch, handmade artisanal bar soap. 99% natural recipe: coconut oil, ^*palm oil, brewed *black tea (purified water, *black tea leaves), goat's milk, sodium hydroxide, olive pomace, rice bran oil, avocado oil, castor oil, *cocoa butter, shea butter, sodium citrate, white kaolin, french vanilla fragrance oil, tea tree essential oil, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, sodium thiosulphate, unbleached non-gmo sugar ^sustainable *organic 2 Bars. Minimum Bar Size: 3.8 oz / 108 g Simple bar soap, but with a lot of luxury--in addition to the base formula of skin-pampering oils and butters, all soaps are crafted to be exceptionally cleansing with a medium-high superfat of 8% (free oils, average 1% - 7%), making them extra moisturizing and gentle without compromising on lather or leaving anything behind. With unbleached sugar and goat's milk to add even more moisture-imbuing ability, and the cozy, sweet scent of french vanilla over a hint of camphoraceous tea tree, this soap is both warm and refreshing. NOTE: contains vanillin, which will oxidize to a dark brown over time; the incorporation of sodium thiosulphate inhibits but does not eliminate this effect. This is cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the soap. Created: 12/3/2019; cured 4+ weeks. Unused soaps lose moisture as they age, making them lighter but harder and more long-lasting. They also become milder as a result of this process. Continue reading below for care and use instructions. BEST USAGE (Life): With proper care, your soap can last a very long time, but it will quickly dissolve if left in wet conditions. To maximize its lifespan, do not use soap under water (wet hands or surface to be cleaned instead). Do not allow soap to sit in standing water; keep/allow to dry between uses. Melted soap can, of course, be used just as well as solid soap, but only if you're lucky enough to catch it before it slips down your drain! BEST USAGE (Lather): These soaps are formulated with a wide range of lovely latherability, but like all handmade soap must be handled appropriately to grow and reap those bubbly benefits. This may involve a minor learning curve. Warmer water will create lather faster than colder water. Wet hands/washcloth/surface to be washed; avoid overwetting soap itself. Rub soap on wetted surface only long enough to draw off a thin film of soap (user's preference); if necessary, re-wet hands/washcloth/surface very briefly, then proceed to lather. Type and duration of lather is dependent on hand-washing style: low and slow will form dense, long-lasting foam, while fast and furious will result in frothy but short-lived bubbles--it's all up to you! PLEASE BE ADVISED: I make no claims regarding any therapeutic or medicinal benefits from my soaps--to do so violates the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), and is therefore illegal. Visit this website for more information regarding these regulations and to understand what marketing claims are acceptable for soap and other cosmetics: https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/cosmetics-laws-regulations/it-cosmetic-drug-or-both-or-it-soap