3D Printed Tri Fidget Spinner Black - Hand spinner with bearings- tri spinner EDC desk toy stress relief
The Tri is a 3D printed hand spinner with 4 bearings and center caps. The outside bearings serve as weights to add momentum to the spin. The center bearing is an upgraded bearings that provide longer spin times and smoother spins. This is product is a perfect tool/toy for people with restless hands, people who like to fidget, people with anxiety, and many other situations. You get to choose body color and bearing color! SPECS -Superior precision bearings used in construction -Pre-lubed with the highest quality synthetic lubricant for the smoothest spin -PLA Filament for body construction These will be made to order, please allow 1-4 days for processing edc spinner everyday carry Edcspinner hand spinner spinner fidget toy fidget fidget spinner restless hands fidgetcraft etc spinner anxiety fiddle