Pets Treat dispensing Toy Game Puzzle - Video Link in Description
Your pet will love to play with this awesome toy and get rewarded when they play with it and flip the bottles around and a treat falls out on the floor for them. Hours of fun for the pet and family watching them play with this. Check out the videos of one of our customers who purchased one and shot the video's of there dogs playing with it. Thanks jeniferj1972!! Just copy and paste them into your browser. Comes all put together and will include 3 - 20 oz bottles with hole's in them. If you need to change the bottle or want to install smaller or larger just grab the zinc coated rod and spread the side slightly and rod will come out. This particular one has a dog shape to it. If you have a different design in mind run it by me and I will see what I can do. Comes in plain wood, sanded down, But you can stain or paint this if you wish. Approximate size: 12" tall 17" across 7" deep