Purveyors of re-purposed vintage and salvaged goods and custom designed rustic home decor.

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Cedar Hills, OR
Owned By
Krystal & Liam
Store Details
She's a nature-loving adventurer with an affinity for vintage style. He's a writer with a vivid imagination and savvy woodworking skills. Add in a needy Yorkie and a shared passion for home decor and what do you get? Rustoregon! Located in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, our love for nature and all things rustic make this the perfect place for our business. We are inspired by our surroundings to give purpose to what was once only salvage, and offer creative designs to our clients. Essentially, we seek to “save” the charming pieces of work we come across from an untimely end, and breathe new life into what was once forgotten. We have a special appreciation for the history and character behind classic americana, antiques, and vintage goods. We have a shared love for the environment and understand the responsibility we all have to try and keep it clean. This motivates us to re-purpose and upcycle otherwise lackluster furniture and home decor, and find new and exciting ways to utilize industrial and non-traditional goods for household use. And being surrounded by luscious greenery, towering pines, and the beautiful works of nature, we can't help but try to incorporate those elements and bring the rustic outdoors inside. What began as a spare-time hobby to re-furnish our home turned into many days filled with adventure and creativity. Our commitment and time dedicated to each project brought about the idea to set up shop so we could share with others what we enjoy so much. We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you find value in our work. Our story continues... -Krystal & Liam
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