I began Rustic Silk Soaps knowing that I wanted to start a business that would provide people with safer, more effective, and more environmentally friendly products. For a time before I opened, I tossed around business name ideas and, finally, one stuck! My product line is ever expanding and I am constantly testing new creations. I want you to have the best product I can give! I started out making melt and pour, or glycerin, soaps in small batches in my kitchen because, to be honest, I was afraid of the lye used to make cold process soap. But my growing curiosity helped me to quickly overcome my fear because I have never settled for the simplistic or easy route. I decided that I wanted more of a challenge than the melt and pour was able to give me so I started making cold process soaps. I have even joked that melt and pour soap was the gateway drug to my soap-making addiction! Since then, my addiction has spread to other bath and body products such as lotion bars, salt and sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and more! Of course, all of my products are made with the highest quality and most luxurious ingredients available. Many of my recipes include luscious shea butter or mango butter, as well as luxury oils such as avocado, hemp, and jojoba oils. I hardly ever use just plain ole boring water in my products as I like to incorporate other liquids, such as herbal teas, milks, or coffee into my recipes to make them even more unique! All Rustic Silk Soaps' soaps are artfully crafted with natural and sustainable ingredients through the time-honored cold process method. My soaps provide a rich, creamy lather that will leave your skin feeling clean and wonderfully refreshed. I make both vegan and non-vegan products. Some of my recipes are made using wonderful and skin-loving animal "products" like beeswax, honey, or milks. My beeswax and honey comes from a local provider who does not use pesticides or antibiotics on his bees.

Payment Policy

I accept PayPal, all major credit cards, and Aftcra gift cards, along with any current coupon or gift certificate codes for Rustic Silk Soaps. *Mississippi residents will have a 7% sales tax charge added to their order.

Shipping Policy

If your order is placed before 12:00 pm CST, it will usually ship the same business day. If placed after 12:00 pm CST, it will usually ship the next business day. All orders will ship within three days of payment unless otherwise noted. After your order is shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to you. I ship Monday through Friday. I ship all packages to the address listed at the time of purchase. Please verify your address and contact information and update if necessary before completing checkout. If you would like your order sent to a different address --- such as to a gift recipient --- please add that address to your account and select it as the recipient address at checkout. If a package is returned to me as un-deliverable or unclaimed, additional shipping fees will be required in order for me to re-mail it. U.S. SHIPPING: If your order has a total weight of 16 ounces or less, it will be sent First Class mail. Any orders weighing more than 16 ounces will be shipped Priority Flat Rate to save you money. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: All international orders are sent via USPS First Class International. Once your order has shipped, I have no control of how long it takes to arrive to you. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Customs Charges - You are responsible for any custom charges that may occur, including but not limited: Duties, fees, VAT. These charges are from your government. I am not responsible if you refuse to pay any custom charges and the package is sent back to me. I do not charge any processing or handling fees. My shipping costs are calculated using an online postal shipping rate calculator. All of your items purchased will be combined into one shipping price based on the weight of the items. When you are ordering if you feel the shipping price is incorrect, please contact me so that I may look over your shipping costs and get you the lowest rate possible. I refund any shipping over-payment of $1.00 or more within 3 days from date of shipment. If, for any reason, you do not receive your refund during this time, please contact me.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Unfortunately, once your order has been packaged and shipped, I cannot cancel or accept returns due to the personal nature of my products. However, my primary goal is to offer 100% customer satisfaction, so if you feel your purchase was unsatisfactory for any reason, please contact me through Aftcra, or email me directly at info [!at] before leaving feedback. I will do my very best to resolve any issues you may have.

Other Policies

To properly care for handmade soaps before use, please store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keeping soap dry and in a draining soap dish between uses will make it last longer. FAQ: **Why does your body butter/sugar scrub/etc. have a preservative?** While these are not made with water and do not technically require the use of a preservative, I include a preservative to prevent any bacteria from growing if any water was introduced to the product from wet hands or from being stored in a humid area such as the bathroom. **Why does your soap have lye in the ingredients?** OR **Can you make soap without lye?** Soap cannot exist without the use of lye. Don't believe me? Try mixing oil and water together, because this is what would happen if someone were to make soap without lye. Even glycerin soaps are made with lye. Anyone who claims that soap can be made without lye is misinformed. **Is there still lye in your soaps?** After the chemical reaction between the lye and oils is complete, there is no lye left in well-made soap. It's kind of like baking a cake from scratch because there is no flour left in the final creation. All the ingredients have combined to form a new and wonderful substance! DISCLAIMER: All products; warning - the safety of this product has not been determined. Anyone with a skin condition should consult a doctor before using a skin or bath product. No responsibility is taken for the misuse in any way of the information provided. No liability is taken by Rustic Silk Soaps for any claims arising out of the misuse or otherwise of my products. If you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure or diabetes, seek the advice of a health professional before using any products containing essential oil, fragrance oil or salt. Skin test all products before using. Always keep any and all products out of reach of children and pets. All the product descriptions are intended to be as reference only. The products listed under Rustic Silk Soaps' Aftcra shop, are not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease or condition, the use of the products is under the responsibility of its user. Please contact me with any custom order requests you may have. I will gladly work side-by-side with you to produce something made just for you!

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