Honey Facial Scrub
Use raw honey to clean and keep clear skin naturally! Honey is naturally antibacterial*, so it's great for acne treatment and prevention. It's full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging. It's extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a glow; and it's clarifying because it opens up pores making them easy to unclog. Contains: Raw Honey, Powdered Orange Peel, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Citric Acid To use: Using finger tips or washcloth apply a thin layer of facial scrub on skin. Let sit for approximately 2 minutes, then wipe off with dampened wash cloth. Use up to two times per day. Discontinue if any adverse reaction occurs. *US National Library of Medicine:Clinical studies have demonstrated that application of honey to severely infected cutaneous wounds rapidly clears infection from the wound and improves tissue healing.