Beard Oil "Mr. Woodsy"
Is a primeval forest the setting for every single one of your day dreams? Is your spirit animal a grizzly bear? Do you dream of fishing for salmon with your bare hands in the middle of winter on a snowy day? Then Mr Woodsy beard oil is definitely for you. With top notes of sage, grass and juniper and finishing with moss and dirt (really!) it'll leave you smelling like you just stepped out of Yellowstone and your lady thinking you just chopped down a mighty spruce! Directions:Place a few drops of our all natural beard oil in the palm of your hand then rub hands together. Pull oil through beard using fingers, making sure to massage into skin as well. Style as usual. Best if used on dry skin and hair. 2 fluid ounces per bottle Contains: Grape seed oil (promotes hair growth and reduces skin inflamation), Castor oil (helps prevent breakage & promotes hair growth), Apricot Oil (creates stronger hair), Hemp seed oil (promotes smoother hair & clears pores), essential oils and/or fragrances What our customers are saying: "I have tried many, many different types of beard oil. The list is too long to mention. But I was given a small sample bottle of Rocking Bee Farms All Natural Beard Oil and have absolutely loved it! My facial hair has become noticeably thicker and shinier, and the Mr. Woodsy scent is second to none. These people have a customer for life!"