ECO-Epoxy Resin Geode "Blood Ruby"
This Eco-Epoxy Resin Geode is quite the eye catcher. 4 layers of Red Jasper, Red Garnet, Red Carnelian, Crushed Pearl, Clear Quartz, Opalite, Metallic Glass, Silver Dust, Seashells, Black and White Sands, glitter, Mica Powder, India Ink, and Lumiere Metallic paint layered between 5 layers of Eco-Epoxy Resin. The back is signed and coated with resin. Freeform and Multidimensional. So much detail you will spend hours staring into it. Would make a beautiful Wall Hanging or table decoration. I can promise you, you will love this Geode for many many years. As it is nearly indestructible.