Childrens Sunscreen, Natural and Organic for the Family Cocoa Butter Chamomile Wildflower pf 20
An all natural sunscreen that doesn't contain any harmful products, fake fragrance or chemicals other than naturally occurring. Pure organic hard lotion that will melt on the skin and protect for hours. This lotion is white but will sink in clear as it melts. Made with organic herb infused oils, zinc, cocoa butter, jojoba and coconut oil. Other than the cocoa butter, which has a natural, nutty fragrance, there is a small amount of chamomile and wildflower blend for a clean scent that also is good for the skin. Our essential oils are the highest quality from Aftelier. 1.5 ounces by weight. A little goes a long way and it lasts. This tin is not for taking to the beach and leaving in the hot sun as it would likely melt. Keep the tin in a cooler. I am working on a liquid formula that will be travel happy :) As with all body products, test on a small area before applying liberally.