6 Slot Pencil Holder made out of Recycled Materials with Tray for Paperclips, Post-it-Note Pad, Candy Dish
I had a couple of metal tins and some oval-colored glass along with some plastic tubes so I created a very nice pencil holder for someone's computer desk. It would look great at that work-at-home office desk you have. The one you see if a 6-tube slot design. The tray has a felt bottom in the tray area. With the oval glass it makes it so it won't topple over. It is nice and small and won't take up much space. The dimensions are 5" x 5" x 5" and it weighs in at about a pound. So you could use it as a paper weight too. This is a perfect gift right now! Contact me for special orders or questions. Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you again next time! Jeff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHIPPING AND PACKAGING OF ITEMS You will receive a tracking number with this purchase. The item will be securely packed and will be shipped within the estimated time stated on your order purchase. I AM FOLLOWING ALL “CDC” SHIPPING AND HANDLING GUIDELINES IN ENSURING THE SAFETY OF ALL ITEMS SHIPPED FROM MY STORE. Please note that glass, porcelain, antiques, clay, china, terracotta, and pottery items are not insured through delivery. However the item will be correctly packaged in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other packing materials, etc... to prevent any breakages in transit.