Click Here to Order a Swimmer Nutcracker
This listing is for 1 custom ordered Swimmer Nutcracker. Lets get started.... ***All Custom Ordered Nutcrackers are to be purchased in ADVANCE. I cannot spend days and/or weeks making a custom doll that you ask for then decide you don't want. Thanks for understanding. (: 1) When you decide what you would like, email me so I can tell you if that is something I can do. If you need multiple Nutcrackers made, let me know that too. Hopefully, you have given yourself plenty of time for creativity! 2) When you are ready to order, click on link and add to cart. 3) Add any and all details, like swim suit design, swim cap design, goggle color. Pictures are great as well! 4) Also, please let me know if you want the wood grain showing, if not I will paint the body in a flesh tone. *Most of the Nutcrackers are shipped in their own white box. Perfect for storage until you need them. **If your purchase is a GIFT for someone and you want a card added, let me know!***