Click Here to Order A Hand Made Bride and Groom Nutcracker Set
This listing is for a Custom Bride and Groom set. ***DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER UNTIL YOU HAVE SENT ME A CONVO!! BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, SEND ME AN EMAIL DESCRIBING WHAT YOU WANT, SO I CAN LET YOU KNOW IF I CAN DO IT and HAIRSTYLE SO I CAN SEE IF THERE IS A WIG TO MATCH AND AVAILABILITY!. ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES EXTRA WORK AND MATERIALS WILL BE ADDED ON THE PRICE.*** **Prices start at $130 for the Groom and $130 for the Bride. However, the price will go up depending on Wig choice and complexity of the dress.** ***All Custom Ordered Nutcrackers are to be purchased in ADVANCE. I cannot spend days and/or weeks making a custom doll that you ask for then decide you don't want. Thanks for understanding. (: Bride and Groom stand about 13" tall. Let's get started... 1) When you decide what you would like, email me so I can tell you if that is something I can do. If you need multiple Nutcrackers made, let me know that too. Hopefully, you have given yourself plenty of time for creativity! 2) Custom Bride and Grooms are the perfect wedding gift, in my opinion, so you want to make sure they somewhat resemble the recipients. When you place your order, you can upload pictures or you can leave a very detailed description of what you want. I try my best to replicate the Bride and Groom given the resources that I have. 3) Please keep in mind that these are hand made from start to finish, so give yourself plenty of time from time of purchase to when you need them. I say A MONTH, but it could be less, it could be more. 4)Sit back and relax! Your custom Bride and Groom Nutcrackers will take ABOUT A MONTH to make, give or take and I will send pictures before I am totally done for your approval and then I will ship. *Most of the Nutcrackers are shipped in their own white box. Perfect for storage until you need them. **If your purchase is a GIFT for someone and you want a card added, let me know!*** Thanks so much for your purchase and if you have any questions you can email me anytime! **Bride hair by Monique©**