Purple Secrets Long Necklace
This Purple Secrets Necklace tells a story for anyone who loves the color purple and beads! Made over several weeks it had its place of prominence in my workshop and every day I would agonize over which beads were the right ones to add. It includes Amethyst beads in many shades and sizes the largest being 10 mm, freshwater pearls, Crystals, Czech glass beads in many shapes, colors ranges and sizes including many flowers and seed beads. This necklace is one of a kind, handmade and measures 50 inches in length. It is made to easily slip over your head, but I added a Pretty Little Sterling Silver Toggle because it is also easily worn doubled and it is so stylish now to sometimes wear the clasp on the side, so this necklace allows you versatility. Since I am a symmetrical person and hope for a symmetrical life this necklace is perfectly symmetrical, each side matches the other. Thank to so much for looking at my handmade item I appreciate your time! Wendy The Ranch Gypsy